Cookbook review: “Eat Like a Dinosaur”


Eat Like a Dinosaur is a new cookbook just published by The Paleo Parents just a few weeks ago.  It is the first Paleo-oriented cookbook that is child-oriented.  Not just in the recipes themselves, but the authors include steps in each recipe that can be performed by your child.  I think this is WONDERFUL.  Not only are you preparing the right foods for your child, but you are TEACHING your child how to prepare these foods for themselves. Win-Win.  I met The Paleo Parents on the 2012 Low Carb Cruise.  They described the rationale behind the cookbook.  Their children were a bit overweight and they were also having behavioral problems (ADHD or out-of-control type symptoms).  The children were placed on gluten-free (wheat free) diets (if you’ve done your homework on wheat, you know what modern wheat can do – see my “Recommended Reading” section.)  Some of the recipes have small amounts of sugar and dairy.  The bottomline is this: I’ve been suggesting the book to the parents in my office for 2 weeks now and I’ve seen nothing but smiles on my parents faces – for all the right reasons.

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