School Lunches


I received a comment yesterday about school lunches that I think is worth repeating here.  Sending your child to school with a packed lunch will give you much greater control over his or her diet.  It probably comes as no surprise that, across the board, our school lunches are not good.  I had suggested using lettuce leaves instead of bread (I use the large Romaine lettuce leaves).  Indeed, that would be messy in a school lunch.  I’ve also used slices of cheese outside the deli meat without condiment added.  Finally, I would check out Eat Like a Dinosaur by The Paleo Parents.  I LOVE THIS COOKBOOK.  There are some recipes with small amounts of sugar and dairy, but if you used this with your kids on a daily basis, they would be much healthier.  I’ve been showing it to about every parent that will let me.  Anyway, there is a wonderful chapter in the book on how to pack school lunches.  They basically use a compartmentalized lunch box that would serve as it’s own “lunch tray”.  Something like the Bento Laptop Lunch Box or the Goodbyn.   I love the idea so much that I want to start using it with my own kids.


  1. I have been making changes in our household to eat healthier, and more specifically, I quit allowing them to buy their lunch. I received some flack from the children and the school at first. I told the elementary school they were no longer allowed to buy their lunch, and it would sent. The cafeteria was a little hateful, but the teachers were fully supported. After awhile, the girls just dealt with it, and began to help me buy items for their lunch. My son, however, attends middle school. They have called me a couple of times, wanting to know why I am not allowing him to eat lunch and do I realize that this is abusive. I told them, I was sending a lunch and if they really wanted to talk about abusive, they should take a look at the crap they are feeding them, and i will send his lunch as i see fit. He is fighting me every step of the way. Right now, i can only get him to eat a sandwich, and I want to include other ideas. He will start high school in the fall, and I want to get him on board with eating healthier, and lowering the amount of carbs he eats.

  2. Heather says:

    Ok Brad we go live at our house on Friday. After Jon gave the kids a donut for a snack today and they were bouncing off the walls he said “I think your mom is right”. So off we go!!! Literally! Quick question. Milk is ok? That was Gabriel’s question for you. Maddie said “I will die without wheat thins!”. She relaxed when I told her she could eat cheese anytime. Lol. Is Greek yogurt ok if unsweetened? I will keep u posted on how we are doing. Thanks for the help:)

    • Yes! Tell Gabriel he can drink milk but I want it to be whole milk to include the normal dietary saturated fat. You can add some flavored whey protein mix if you like! Good job! He will get a sticker…

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