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DietDoctor — Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt
Jimmy Moore — Livin Low Carb
Fathead Movie — Tom Naughton
Robb Wolf — Paleo Solution
Dr. William Davis — Wheat Belly
Gary Taubes — Good Calories, Bad Calories
Fred Hahn — Slowburn Fitness
Dr. Michael Eades — Protein Power
Denise Minger — RawFood SOS
Healthy Diets and Science
Dana Carpender — Hold the Toast
Kent Altena — Atkins Diet Geek
Laura Dolson — About Low Carb Diets
Chris Masterjohn — The Daily Lipid
Dr. Jack Kruse — Living an Optimized Life
Peter Attia — The War on Insulin
Dr. John Briffa — Escape the Diet Trap
Mark Sisson — Mark’s Daily Apple
Jackie Eberstein, R.N. — Controlled Carbohydrate Living
Dr. Jay Wortman — My Big Fat Diet


  1. Eating this way has been proven to reduce visceral fat?

  2. would love to find a Paleo pediatrician in Los Angeles- help!

  3. I am struggling with getting my 18 month old to gain, not loose weight. We mostly follow a LCHF diet, but I find it hard to find snacks to take along with us…especially since she only has her front five teeth. Any suggestions?

    • Try smoothies using protein powder, heavy cream and/or whole milk with fruit. Cheese and butter would be a great snack. Sandwich meat broken into small pieces. Be careful not to misinterpret a child whose growth curve is tracking along a low percentile (say 5th percentile) as abnormal. If it is following the curve I reassure my patients families that this is ok and the result of genetics. I also remind them that eating behavior can vary from day to day at this age. Try to balance the diet over the course of 2-3 days. Good luck!

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