Change Your Mindset on Your Child’s School Lunch!


For most of our children, tomorrow marks the beginning of a new school year.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of school lunches are fast-carb loaded. If you choose school-provided lunches your child won’t be able to avoid refined sugar, wheat and corn.  So make an extremely important decision about your child’s health and pack a lunch.  If you are not sure what to pack, simply google “Paleo lunches” and you will get some wonderful ideas.  You can use brown bags or traditional lunch boxes. I find it more convenient to use compartmentalized lunch boxes such as Goodbyn or bento boxes from Lap Top Lunch.  Cool Gear makes an inexpensive collapsible bento box with cool pack. Have the ingredients prepared and ready to go on Sunday evening before your week starts.  Changing your mindset on school lunches is an extremely important decision when it comes to building a foundation of wellness for your children!


  1. Ok Dr. Hoop. I have been following your blog for some time and I really want to get my family to eat Paleo but how do you suggest getting an extremely picky 4 year old to eat this way? My daughter will not eat most vegatable unless there is ranch available, and she could live on grilled cheese and PB& J if we allowed it. Also, as a working mother of two, I don’t have the time to spend endless hours in the kitchen. Any suggestions?

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