Getting Started With LCHF

Changing how you eat in order to become healthier is not as hard as it sounds.  If you have struggled with the tired, old, failed methods, including limiting portions, counting calories, or Low Fat/High Carb.  Stop repeating the same mistakes.  Listen to what science is telling us.  Listen to what people who have been successful are saying.  We want you to eat REAL FOOD and feel SATIATED! So far, the best beginner’s tutorial that I’ve found is on Dr. Eenfeldt’s website at  It is called LCHF for Beginners.   The best part is that you can eat as much as you want from list of foods that are allowed (see the cookbook section too).  This is not about counting calories or limiting portions.  Without LCHF, I would not have been able to regain my own health, lose weight, and feel more energentic AND at the same time keep up with my family and worklife.  I would have felt hungry all the time.   Start eating REAL FOOD today!

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