Growth Chart Update – 8 Year Old Girl

I want to share an updated BMI growth chart. This is an 8 year old patient of mine who followed up recently. I am really happy for this young girl and her family – they have achieved wonderful success by simply eating Real Food. They’ve ignored the dogmatic, scientifically unsound nutritional advice such as “eat low-fat” and “calories-in, calories-out”. Instead, for over 3 years now – they have adopted the Low-Carb, High-Fat approach, which is based on sound scientific evidence.

When looking at the growth curve, I would like to call attention to some important details. This is a BMI (body mass index) curve and not a normal weight curve. With growing children you cannot properly track progress by using a weight curve (due to height growth primarily). Note the slope of the growth curve after (age 4.5 – 8) the family adopted the Low Carb-High Fat approach as compared to before (age 0 – 4 years). In addition, the rate of BMI gain after dietary intervention is slower then kids who are tracking along the 90th – 97th percentile on the chart below her curve.

Labs have normalized as compared to baseline at age 4. These include A1C levels, triglyceride levels, and HDL levels. LFT’s (liver function enzymes) have been normal throughout.

Without Low Carb-High Fat, her BMI would be well above 40 today. She would be at increasing risk for liver dysfunction (and eventual transplant). She would be at increasing risk for gastric banding surgery at an early age. I am confident we can avoid those procedures in her young life.

Finally, I would add this: I have never once advised increasing her activity. Children will play actively if they eat Real Food (absent refined wheat, corn-syrup and sugar). Energy is liberated from adipocytes when unopposed by insulin. Children will increase activity on their own. She is leading a normal active lifestyle!