In Search of The Perfect Human Diet


I had a chance to watch In Search of The Perfect Human Diet a few weeks ago and I thought it was well worth it.  Host CJ Hunt does a wonderful job spelling out why our bodies are designed to eat REAL food.  He interviews many of the people that I consider to be dietary legends.   People like Loren Cordain, Gary Taubes, Robb Wolf, Dr. Micahel Eades, Dr Jay Wortman and many more.  If you are not inclined to read the many books out there on Low Carb or Paleo type diets, then this might be something that will spark your interest.  Check it out!


  1. slim0443 says:
    Not sure if this is going to work, but this guy, Glenn Pendlay really lays it out there! I found his posts–he actually has four in a row, hilarious in a sad way. In a nut shell, over a few blog posts. glenn really sums up ongoing problems in the U.S. regarding food. Also very interesting is seeing that this guy’s ex-wife is currently a licensed dietitian, yet hasn’t got a clue about eating healthy, ‘Nuf said, enjoy :)

  2. Thanks so much for the positive review Dr Hoop! I appreciate you helping spread the word about the film. Excited to see what you’re doing too… It’s truly inspiring to see a pediatrician embracing and using the LCHF way of eating in their medical practice… lucky families to have you as their DR :)~ CJ Hunt

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