More On Dietary Studies in the News….

Zoe Harcombe writes on one of the latest “observational/epidemiological” diet studies to come out recently.  It relates to my post earlier today and, frankly, it is too good not to add on.  Tom Naughton has a great article discussing recent studies as well.  Both are spot on and if you have an interest in the science, you won’t want to miss them.

A Nice Primer on How To Interpret Studies


Laura Dolson has a primer on the basics of interpreting dietary studies.   You may recall we discussed this here and here.   Observational/epidemiological studies are terrible at determining causation with diet.   They easily confuse people.  They are less expensive and that is the only advantage.  They were used in the past to successfully answer questions about infectious diseases in the early part of the 20th century.  They were used to successfully determine that smoking caused lung cancer.  But since then, try as they might, epidemiologists have tried to apply their methods to diet and health without success.  At all.  But they need the work and the medical journals need publications, so you will continue to see them.  Mainstream media loves to report and sensationalize them.  Randomized Controlled Trials are much, much better at determining causation in diet.  Regarding weight loss alone, there are at least 17 rct studies that show a low carb diet is superior.  There are NO rct studies which conclude a low fat diet is better.  The problem with Rct studies are their cost.  But they give us much more valuable information.

How to Beat the Heat — Low Carb Style


There are plenty of low carbohydrate drink options to keep you hydrated this summer!  Check them out!

LCHF for Kids


Here is an article from Monique Forslund from her Lifezone blog.  She talks specifically about LCHF and children (she gave a great talk on the low carb cruise).  Remember in Sweden, as many as 1 in 3 people have adopted the LCHF lifestyle in someway, shape or form.  They are becoming much healthier as a result. They are passing this great news onto their kids!

Baked Avocado with Egg — So Flavorsome!


Check this one out!  When we are in a hurry we will simply slice the avacado, take out the pit and put a hardboiled egg in (we hardboil a bunch of eggs and that will last us for a few days).  Try it!

Lunchtime Tips


Here are some wonderful tips on lunches from the Paleo Parents

Low Carb Grocery Shopping List


Here is a detailed low carb shopping list courtesy of Laura Dolson!

Update: Increasing Normal Dietary Saturated Fat is Healthier!


The other day we looked at a graph depicting the latest information released by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on saturated fat intake and heart disease.  This information is not new.  David Evans at Healthy Diets and Science has an unbelievable collection of studies supporting this.  There are over 50 studies going back decades on heart disease alone.  The more saturated fat you take in, the less your risk for heart disease.  Think about the BAD dietary advice you have been given that has been based on BAD science over the last 30 years.  Now take the time to review the hard scientific evidence of the effects of diet & lifestyle on health from over 1,000 studies from research centers, universities and peer reviewed scientific journals.  Think about what you could do with YOUR LIFE starting today given the right information!

Picture of the Week!


Paleo Apple Nachos


Wow are these good. You’ll find that as you get rid of the processed junk, treats like these will taste divine.  Your taste buds will be that much more sensitive. 


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