Not Quite the Smoking Gun, But….

Here is a study posted on David Evans’ website showing the childhood obesity trend in relationship to the decrease in normal dietary fat consumption and the significant increase in carbohydrate consumption from the 1960’s into the 1990’s.  Yes, I know this is another observational study and correlation does NOT mean causation.  But if you are considering the LCHF diet and need a study to get you started, this will help.  My advice is to just try your own study (We call that “N=1″, which means your study will have 1 participant — you!).


  1. concerned mom says:

    My understanding is that fat consumption has increased, even if fat percentage has decreased. Thus, we don’t necessarily have causation.

    • Yes, the above study is observational and cannot prove causation. Only a randomized controlled study could prove causation. There are 17 RCT’s that I know of that compare low-carb diets to low-fat diets. In all 17 studies LCHF came out as the winner. In none of the those studies did the low-fat diet come out ahead. If you can find an RCT that shows low-fat is the superior diet, please forward that to me. Thank you!

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