Here is a Great, Great Article – Kudos to the Author


It is worth your time to read this.  Don’t forget two pieces of whole wheat bread are equivalent to 2 tbsps of sugar.  About the same as a snickers bar.

“A previous attempt to bring in a soda tax was stopped by intense lobbying on Capitol Hill. The soft-drinks industry paid for a new ward at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, and the tax went away. It was a children’s obesity ward.”


  1. Jill Miksch says:

    Read this just THIS morning! Very good read. I felt so bad for that obese teen! I want to keep the pics of her in my mind to remind myself WHY I am changing how my son eats!!

  2. My friend just shared your blog with me and it makes me SO happy! We are a Paleo family and get many questions not only from my kids teachers but also from our doctors. I am waiting for the day when I get a note home questioning why my daughter doesn’t have any whole grains with her lunch. We are so much healthier as a family and I am loving it! It is a great lifestyle!

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