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If you are at all interested in WHY Low Carb is better than Low Fat, take a look at Dr. Eades recent post on AMPK.

A quick summary:

AMPK is an extremely important enzyme as it does the following:

“1. Increases glucose uptake: We want to get glucose out of the blood and into the cells to burn.

2. Increases glycolysis: We need to break down glycogen (stored sugar) to get the glucose to burn.

3. Increases fatty acid oxidation: An obvious one. We want to start burning fat to replenish the depleted energy stores.

4. Increases mitochondrial biogenesis: we want to make more mitochondria to burn fat and generate as much ATP as possible.

5. Inhibits gluconeogenesis: We don’t want to spend energy making more sugar – we want to burn it.

6. Inhibits glycogen synthesis: Same thing – we don’t want to store sugar, we want to burn it.

7. Inhibits fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis: We don’t want to spend energy making fat and cholesterol.

8. Inhibits insulin secretion: We want insulin to be low, so that we can move stored fat and sugar to where it needs to be burned.”

The paper that Dr. Eades discusses concludes the following:

“In referring to these two studies, the researchers noted:
We observed that caloric restriction with [a low-fat/high-carb] diet did not alter the AMPK [activation], suggesting that increased dietary carbohydrate content even in the face of caloric restriction prevented activation of AMPK… in skeletal muscle of obese individuals. In contrast, overfeeding with [a low-carb/high-fat] diet increased the activity of this pathway [AMPK] indicating that low carbohydrate content may be sufficient for its activation.
And in summary, they commented:
Our data indicate that a relative deficiency in carbohydrate intake or, albeit less likely, a relative excess of fat intake even in the absence of caloric deprivation is sufficient to activate this network and increase fat oxidation.” (emphasis mine)

Why so exciting? In Dr. Eades own words: “Such an exciting study as this one should drive a fair amount of research in this direction quickly. If you do a PubMed search for AMPK, you will find there is plenty of interest. I hope we don’t have to wait long. But until new research comes along definitively overriding this paper, I’m going to continue my own regimen of restricted carb dieting and recommend you to do the same.”

Eggs Are Good For You!


If you follow dietary news, by now, you have heard about the study that compares egg consumption to cigarette consumption.  My original plan was just to ignore this study but I have been getting questions in the office.   So here goes.  The study out of the University of Toronto is another observational study.   You may recall that we learned about observational studies here, here, and here. Correlation does not imply causation. Correlation does not imply causation. With regards to the actual study itself, I will forward you onto Dr.Jay Wortman, Zoe Harcombe (who really takes this study apart), and Tom Naughton. If you look at how this study was designed, you could have picked “celery” as your food item and you would have concluded “celery” causes heart attacks. Now I am going to go finish my omelette….






The Physician of the Future

I’m still on a break from my blog, but I ran into an article that I really want to pass on.  First though, let me ask this question, how should the role of the physician in society evolve?  What needs to change?  What needs to stay the same?

First of all, we are still going to need to prescribe medicine for various ailments.  We are not going to stop taking care of people who come into the ER for injuries and acute illnesses.   People are still going to need expert surgical care.  Subspecialty care will still be critical.  Primary care will still be critical (in fact, we need MORE primary care physicians.  There is a shortage and we need to create incentives for medical students to CHOOSE primary care).  In my office, I am still going to diagnose ear infections and asthma/bronchitis.  I am still going to round in the nursery to see all those wonderful little newborns.

I hope it is clear in my blog that I think physicians must take a more pro-active role in educating patients on diet/nutrition.  Patients look to us for this advice and it needs to be CORRECT advice.  At the same time, I don’t believe we are going to be able to successfully change the dietary habits of EVERYONE.  We are not here to JUDGE people.  It is our job to collect information from them, make a treatment decision, and treat them (in the form of information, medicine, surgery, etc.).  We as physicians know that our patients come from all walks of life.  Each is unique in terms of upbringing, background, beliefs, life stresses, hopes, dreams, etc.  It’s not just the physical makeup.  

Ernie Garcia is a like-minded physician. I think he does a better job putting into words what the ideal physician should be. It is worth your time to read it.

Whatever direction I take my blog, I hope you continue to learn from and enjoy it. I hope it is evident that I truly care about my patients and about you!

Dr Hoop

Taking a Break

We will be taking a break here at http://www.lowcarbpediatrician.com.  Not exactly sure when we will be back up. Time for some rest and relaxation, yeah!  Please feel free to peruse the archived posts and recipes.  Enjoy!


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