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Cauliflower Pizza (mmmmmmmm…) and More!


“Dr Hoop! No pizza!  I can’t do this LCHF diet.”  I hear that comment (or a similar one) every now and then.  Although truth be told, by the time people  are sitting in front of me at the office, they are fairly motivated.  They are looking for information.  It does not get any better when you are able to share all of the delicious meals that you CAN eat.  I plan to make recipes a big part of this blog, but in the meantime try this wonderful cauliflower pizza recipe that is a hit in our house and with friends who have tried it.  If you like it, go ahead and google “Paleo Recipes” for more ideas.  If it is a paleo recipe, it is “Dr. Hoop approved” no questions asked.  You don’t have to count your carbs (the carbs are much slower in the paleo recipes).   When using Atkins, I start my patients out (those with a BMI over 95%) with a 20 gram net carbohydrate induction diet just like low carb gurus recommend in The New Atkins For A New You.  The book then goes onto expalin the Ongoing Weight Loss, Pre-Maintenance and Lifetime Maintenance Phases.  There is the accompanying New Atkins Cookbook.   Also check out Bowulf’s phenomenal recipe collection (including a great video series).

Atkins/Low Carb

Someone asked me today if I was going to post anything on Atkins (which would involve counting carbs).  The answer is absolutely, yes.  Many people prefer this over paleo.  I’ve started with the paleo information only because that is what I personally do right now.  It is also what I do with my most carb sensitive kids in the office.  But when I started all this 5 years ago, I started by counting carbs.  It works for sure and I’ve met many wonderful people who do it this way.  On the Low Carb Cruise, I met Kent Altena.  Kent was struggling with his weight 7 or 8 years ago.  It was bad enough (I think he was around 400 lbs) that he was unable to pass his physical and was unable to deploy with his National Guard unit.  Soon after that though, Kent followed the advice of his brother and began Atkins.  He has been extremely successful and is the ultimate Atkins Geek.  He was later able to rejoin the military!


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