Indulgence or Binge Days

        One option in approaching the LCHF diet is to allow yourself an indulgence or binge day (or even a binge meal).  I’ve talked to people who have been extremely successful in using a LCHF and have lost a significant amount of weight.  At the same time, they are successful in using a binge day/meal.  It is certainly possible that without that binge food, they would not have been successful in the long run.  If you are going to use this, I think some rules should be applied.  First, the food should be eaten outside of your home.  Second, if you do eat the food at home, it must be taken out of the house by the end of the day!  We all know that if that half-eaten chocolate cake is sitting in the kitchen, you are going to go find it later (I’ve been there!) Third, I don’t think it should be done more than once a week. The people that I know to be successful in implementing this strategy follow these rules.  I think the binge day/meal takes a certain amount of self-discipline. 

        I’ve also talked to people where a binge day/meal can send them into a real tailspin. Even something as simple as a few crackers (wheat) can send people down the wrong path.  On the 2012 Low Carb Cruise, this topic was addressed.  The Low Carb gurus in attendance (people like Dr Mary Vernon, Dr Eric Westman, Dana Carpender, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt) were against using the binge/meal day. 

        I believe you have to KNOW YOURSELF.  I know people who have been successful using the binge day/meal.  I also know people who have been derailed by doing  this.  The GOOD NEWS is this:  if you have a stretch of days, weeks or even months where you reverted back to old habits, you can start again today!  In fact, most people who have been successful at LCHF have gone through periods where we’ve eaten bad food.  Embrace your failures!  Learn from them!   KNOW YOURSELF!


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