Dr. Eenfeldt And The Food Revolution – AHS 2011

Independence Day is just 2 days away. If you are like me, you love this country and surely can appreciate everything we have. It’s a time to celebrate for sure. At the same time, however, even our forefathers would agree, the health of our nation is at stake. Over the next twenty years, it is predicted that the number of people suffering from severe obesity (BMI > 40) will jump from 5% to 11% (see chart below). From a medical perspective, this is truly horrifying. This is a problem that will affect all of us. Robb Wolf states “As a society we have become so sick, weak, and broken. We accept abnormal as normal. But common is NOT normal.” He is right!

The old dogma (“eat less and exercise more”) clearly is not working. “Calories In, Calories Out” is a failed approach. Gary Taubes discussed this in more detail recently while commenting on a well designed study proving that low carb works better.The reason for that is simple: our biology/physiology is not designed to handle the excess carbohydrate that we have been eating. We are eating this way because of incorrect advice given to us. Low fat, high carb is a failed approach. Counting calories is a failed approach. Albert Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” We need to stop ignoring our bodies. We need to stop ignoring basic fundamental principles of physiology.
We have the answer: Eat real food and do it without feeling hungry. Your body will take care of the rest!


How Bad Science and Big Business Created The Obesity Epidemic

Here is one of my favorite videos on the obesity epidemic.  Dr David Diamond Ph.D. talks about how the “light bulb” came on for him.  He realized he had been given bad information and after he started eating REAL food (LCHF), his body began to heal.

In Search of The Perfect Human Diet


I had a chance to watch In Search of The Perfect Human Diet a few weeks ago and I thought it was well worth it.  Host CJ Hunt does a wonderful job spelling out why our bodies are designed to eat REAL food.  He interviews many of the people that I consider to be dietary legends.   People like Loren Cordain, Gary Taubes, Robb Wolf, Dr. Micahel Eades, Dr Jay Wortman and many more.  If you are not inclined to read the many books out there on Low Carb or Paleo type diets, then this might be something that will spark your interest.  Check it out!

No Bologna Facts


Tom Naughton’s movie Fathead is both fun and educational.  A self-described “edutainer,” Tom has done stand-up comedy in the past.  More recently he and his wife, Chareva, have made it their mission to bust the many nutritional myths that are out there.  I’ve had patients come into my office after having watched his movie and Tom has them asking all the right questions.  The first question usually is “Is this really true?  Have we been fed a bunch of bologna like he says in the movie?”  I go on to tell them, that yes, he is right on! This is one of my favorite posts from Tom’s blog called No Bologna Facts.  Then I go on to talk about all the mistakes that have been made regarding our dietary advice over the last 30 years.  Now we have the REAL information about eating REAL food.  It is exciting for me to see people wake up and learn the real facts.  It is also exciting to see my young patients come back, after listening to my advice, and witnessing the smile on their faces as their BMI drops, their school performance improves, or their mood and anxiety symptoms have improved.  All because they focused on their diet.  The message is getting out there!


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