Happy Fourth of July!


We have a lot to be thankful for here in this country.  Time to take a minute to contemplate our freedom and celebrate!  Here is a tasty sugar-free, gluten-free cupcake — Wow!!



We have talked before about making smoothies.  There are a lot of options:  with or without dairy (we often add creamer as well — you can use regular, soy, almond or coconut milk) ; use your favorite fruit; add some whey protein if you want.  Here is a great recipe for those who cannot tolerate dairy or want dairy free.  Search the net for thousands of smoothie recipes.  Great for beating the heat and getting healthy nutrition!

How to Beat the Heat — Low Carb Style


There are plenty of low carbohydrate drink options to keep you hydrated this summer!  Check them out!

Baked Avocado with Egg — So Flavorsome!


Check this one out!  When we are in a hurry we will simply slice the avacado, take out the pit and put a hardboiled egg in (we hardboil a bunch of eggs and that will last us for a few days).  Try it!

Paleo Apple Nachos


Wow are these good. You’ll find that as you get rid of the processed junk, treats like these will taste divine.  Your taste buds will be that much more sensitive. 

Watermelon sandwich for a hot summer day


After a day at the pool or on the slip-n-slide go for one of these!

Walnut Chicken Salad


One of the families in my practice suggested this wonderful salad.   Adding blackberries is an option too!

Walnut, Apple, Chicken Salad
(determine proportions according to your taste)
Spring mix
Kraft Balsamic Vinaigrette
Chicken breast marinated in the vinaigrette and sautéed
Glazed or unglazed walnuts
Blue cheese
Apple slices

Mix and enjoy!

Say (fried) Cheeeeeeeese!


This recipe uses almond flour but you could substitute coconut flour.  Save for a quick treat.

Delectable Sweet Potato Chips


Let’s just cut to the chase….eating low carb is delicious.  Here is a recipe you should have on your list.  For those of us who are particularly carb sensitive, eat in moderation.  Note: Eat store purchased sweet potato chips with caution.  There may be added carb.

Yummy Pizza Bites


If I’m hungry and there is pizza around, I will grab a piece.  But I skip the crust which is full of refined wheat.  I scoop the topping off the top and enjoy it that way.  Here is a clever way to make a snack the kids will love!


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